Cinematic stillness, a look at Maria Svarbova

Cinematic stillness, a look at Maria Svarbova

Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova was born in 1988 and since 2010 has been taking the world by storm with her atmospheric photography. Svarbova tends to use pools as the location for shoots. Most of these pools are from the Socialist Era and located in Slovakia. Since she began her career she has been featured across many magazines and news outlets and has gained much attention over social media with each new post gaining over tens of thousands of likes and many reshare. Throughout her art, Maria has focused more on creating a full scene with each image rather doing portraits. 

Her style is that unlike anything else we tend to see in contemporary photography. Each image is shot with great attention to the placement of the subjects and choice of colors. Each image almost pulls the viewer into another world. Maria’s unique ability to capture a photo that feels so cinematic and atmospheric while at the same time so still and intense is what truly brings each image to life. 

“my photographs are a succession of short scenes in which the frontality and absence of contrasts remove any narrative dimension in favor of the fullness of the photographic surface.” – Maria Svarbova (Source )

Sources/artist Instagram: @maria.svarbova

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