Nightmare foods, a look at artist QimmyShimmy

Nightmare foods, a look at artist QimmyShimmy

She goes by the name QimmyShimmy, she is a designer by day and artist by night. Born and raised in Singapore, QimmyShimmy now resides in the Netherlands. Her works are something you can’t forget, while she also makes illustrations the works we will be talking about today are her weird, cute and very surreal mini sculptures. Her sculptures are meant to resemble food while also resembling, well, how do I put this? They resemble tiny babies and baby body parts, yeah I told you it would be weird and somehow cute at the same time.

First, she crafts these mini and very detailed sculptures of babies’ faces, arms, hearts, brains, and more body parts and organs. Then she makes them look like food, everything from dumplings, cans of tuna fish, popsicles, and even gumball machines. The works to catch my eye the most is the sushi pieces made with eyeballs and brains instead of fish. They remind me of something you might see in a dream. Like maybe you go out to eat and have a nice night only to discover too late that you’re in fact trapped in some kind of nightmarish sushi restaurant surrounded by baby-eating monsters. 

This is exactly what QimmyShimmy’s goal is with her art. She is bringing the fantasy world into the real world. Thank goodness she became an artist and not a Chef as I don’t think her restaurant would stay open very long. As for her artworks though, keep them coming, her Instagram following and us here at Myartisreal can’t get enough!



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