A cyberpunk dystopia, a look at illustrations by Mad Dog Jones

A cyberpunk dystopia, a look at illustrations by Mad Dog Jones

These works come from the mind of Michah Dowbak a.k.a Mad Dog Jones a Toronto based artist and illustrator. His works draw heavily from anime, sci-fi movies, and Japanese culture as a whole. Mad Dog Jones art often showcases a future dystopian world full of futuristic tech in true cyberpunk fashion.  The setting and subjects are not all that draws in his mass amount of viewers but his style of illustration as a whole. Always working in a digital platform Jones creates his drawings out of shapes which he then colors in with very vibrant neon colors. 

One image that stands out to me is of a woman’s hand holding a pink rose. The image is simple, you see out the windows of a transit train and see the purple sun setting in a large city. We also see other passengers sitting in silence minding their own business. It’s like we are viewing the world through the point of view of an unknown subject, and we view what would maybe be a simple artistic moody photo taken at random on one’s ride home. But we ask ourselves why is their blood on the flower? this leaves us wanting more to this story. However, all we are left with is a beautiful and simple snapshot in time in a world created in the mind of Mad Dog Jones.


Source: https://www.diesel.co.jp/art/mad_dog_jones/



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