Puzzling Portraits, a look at Alma Haser

Puzzling Portraits, a look at Alma Haser

Born in Germany and now based in London Alma Haser is creating some of the most intriguing photography portraits of today. She is known for distorting her images with various methods of paper folding, photoshop, and many other mixed media. The series we are most focused on today is titled “Within 15 minutes.”

In this series, Alma sets out to create un-identical portraits of various sets of twins. She does so by taking the exact same images of each twin, same background, clothing, hairstyles, etc. Then Haser creates a jigsaw puzzle out of each image. With these puzzles, she is then able to swap out every other piece until you end up with two distorted and slightly different versions of the original image. So have fun while you discover these Puzzling Portraits.

photography Alma Haser Portrait by Alma Haser artwork by alma haser

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Sources: http://www.haser.org/

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