“EGOLAND” By Revolue Presented by La Pamplona

“EGOLAND” By Revolue Presented by La Pamplona

Welcome to EGOLAND! Are you constantly in need to be right? Or do you sense extreme feelings of jealousy and insecurity, while trying to impress someone you don’t care about? How big is your ego today?

Ego – a complex self-construction of our mind’s identity, which structures our personality, talents and abilities, generates powerful emotional reactions and drama in our lives. This very rigid, but changeable identity is currently maintaining the belief that you are different – yet separate – from other people and life itself. A fussy confidence trickster, created to help you cope with any confusion, disconnect and loss in your life, by protecting you from anything outside your confirmed thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. The unknown will be rejected. Your ego is very defensive about your identity and feels the most out of control when challenged.

REVOLUE spots the ego by the trail of emotions and every unfulfilling desire it leaves behind. He illustrates intense situations where a bloated ego stands in the way of learning, empathizing and reflecting. The quick and uncontrollable brushwork in his contemporary paintings becomes a sensual statement, referring to human interactions and a vibrant city life. The center piece of this exhibition – a red head, placed in the middle of the exhibition space, confronts the viewer with the artists own ego, which reveals symptoms of resulting emotions, rather than the ego that caused it. REVOLUE – the observer, who’s not afraid to address our very personal issues, is sharp in his criticism of conflict and society today. His exhibition EGOLAND enables an examination of one’s own self, while investigating our understanding of human behavior in our western world and social system today, in which the ego plays a bigger role than expected.

Presented By La Pamplona

Opening: March 26 at 7 pm

Location: Espaco G-Spot Le Marais 

21-23 Rue des Filles du Calvaire 

Paris, France

March 26th – 30th

Revolue Instagram: @revolue

La Pamplona Instagram: @lapamplona.art

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