Simply Extraordinary, a look at Esteban Diácono

Simply Extraordinary, a look at Esteban Diácono

Where does one begin when discussing the works of Esteban Diácono? Do you begin by talking about his massive list of well-known clients? Or do you begin by talking about his odd and amazing personal digital renders? Hell, this is as good of a start as any. Let me begin by saying Esteban Diácono is not an artist, at least that whats he says in his Instagram Bio. He does, however, create minimal, odd, fun, and absolutely extraordinary work of art. With no formal studies in his field and being self-thought Diácono has made quite a name for himself. In the early years of his career while living in his hometown of Cordoba City he worked with many production houses and helped produce more than one hundred commercials.

Later Estaban relocated to Buenos Aires and began to focus on branding and animation. He has now worked with brands such as Complex, Fox, FX, Discovery Channel, and many more. But his works we are focused on today are animations he has made in his free time and posted to Instagram where they have gained him over three hundred thousand followers. Often his works feature faces of older men being exploded, slapped, and smushed. As well as works featuring dancing rock people, invisible models, and as of late these very odd and almost balloon-type creators.  

His style is often minimalistic, yet very high quality. While being simple appearance his works are complex in the movements of the subjects and the reaction of the environment. These renders are animated to perfection where the movement of subjects feels so realistic. So scroll on down and have a look for yourself and let us know what you think of these simply extraordinary works of art. I hope they make you smile as much as they do me.



Esteban Diácono


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