Painting By Cristian Blanxer

Multi Story Portraits, a look at Cristian Blanxer

Multiple Story Portraits, a look at Cristian Blanxer

Based in Barcelona and originally from the Philippines Cristian Blanxer is a street artist who paints beautifully detailed portraits. These portraits normally consist of bleeding faces with different scenes of nightlife. These works are more than just a pretty portrait but they tell stories. The longer you stare at the works the bigger the story gets.

One of the most attention-grabbing works is the one below that features half of the young women’s face engulfed in flames. Along with a city street in the background. While at first glance the story seems to be about a tragic fire within a city. You can also imagine the painting is depicting the girl’s chaotic mind that is perhaps full of stress.

It’s these multiple meanings and stories and images in each portrait that makes them so interesting to the viewer. This keeps you intrigued in the image for much longer than if the portrait was simply just of a beautiful person.

Painting By Cristian Blanxer

Words By Jacob Johnson | Artwork By Cristian Blanxer