Photograph by Lainey Conant Myartisreal Magazine Fashion
Photo By Lainey Conant

Fashion Photography with a Vintage feel Shot By Lainey Conant

Lainey Conant is an Oklahoma based photographer focused on fashion photography. While she does do photoshoots for a range of clients and events her personal works of art focus on fashion. The styling of each model is colorful and unique. On top of this, Conant regularly uses movement and odd positions to add another layer of depth.

What really makes her work so interesting is the way she edits. Using a mix of filters and color corrections she is able to create her seemingly standard vintage feel. In her most recent series of photos, we see multiple female models. All of which look very similar thanks to there hair color, skin tone, and matching outfits. In another series of images, we see a man and a woman dressed in very similar styles of clothing doing anything from holding one another up to what appears to be some type of reverse piggyback ride.

Photograph by Lainey Conant Myartisreal Magazine

Photograph by Lainey Conant Myartisreal Magazine Fashion

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Her Instagram: @kittylouu

All Images belong to the photographer Lainey Conant
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