A Modern Take on the Hutong Home In Beijing

Wonder Architects shows off there take on the traditional Hutong Home but with a modern twist of artistic. In Beijing, a Hutong Home are alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences. The word hutong is also used to refer to such neighborhoods.  Wonder Architects take on the Hutong Home design is sleek and

Kit King – Myartisreal Artist Spotlight

Myartisreal Shines the Spotlight on Kit King Kit King (b. 1987)is a Bahamian Canadian contemporary artist who has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums nationally as well as internationally- showing throughout Canada and the US, as well as the UK, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. King has participated

Mauricio Alejo Is Making Ordinary Object Do Extraordinary Things

Mexican artist living in New York City, Mauricio Alejo is using everyday objects in his apartment to make beautiful art. Mauricio Alejo is using his camera to turn familiar everyday items into something of beauty and pleasantness. In this ongoing photography series, one can see anything from pages of a book defying gravity, a stapler hanging from

Sage Barnes – Myartisreal Interview

Sage Barnes - Myartisreal Interview He is a self-taught painter who dropped out of art school. His name is Sage Barnes and his works speak of identity and finding out who we are beyond what society tells us we are. He goes beyond just acrylic on canvas. With his recent works featuring fake flowers, concrete-like

Unique Board (UB) is Creating Affordable 3D Printed Sculptures

Unique Board (UB) Turning Graphic Designs into Sculptures Meet Dan Kim, the founder of the New York-based company called Unique Board (UB). The company that is bringing visionary ideas to life through limited edition sculptures. "My journey with UB accidentally began right after graduating from NYU Tisch majoring in Film/Television. I had a great opportunity

Petecia Le Fawnhawk – Myartisreal Artist Spotlight

Myartisreal Shines the Spotlight on Petecia Le Fawnhawk In this new series of blog post, we will be discovering new artist each week. Today we will be shining the spotlight on Petecia Le Fawnhawk. With all the art on Instagram today Le Fawnhawk and her artworks have no problem standing out in the crowd. And we

Adam Priester – Myartisreal Interview

Adam Priester (Instagram @adam.priester) -Where are you from? I'm half german half swedish. I was born in Frankfurt but we moved from there when i was two because of the shitty air. I grew up on an island called Öland on the east coast of Sweden. Extremely rural. At the moment i live in Karlskrona

Mete Yafet – Myartisreal Interview

-What is your name and what is your Instagram username? Mete Yafet, @meteyafet   -Where are you from? I’m from Istanbul, Turkey -What is your happiest memory? Presence. -What are your favorite tv shows at the moment? The Deuce, The Handmaid’s Tale and Vice Principals. -What are some of your favorite foods to eat? Mostly

Sean Mundy – Myartisreal Interview

- What is your name and what is your Instagram username? My name is Sean Mundy, and my username on Instagram is @seanjmundy - Where are you from? I'm from Montreal, Canada, born and raised. 'Deluge, 2014' -What is your happiest memory?  I can't think of one single one, but speaking generally I'd have to